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What Did Our Customers Say?

The following list shows feedback received from just a few of our CeMAP® & CeFA® delegates. A number of these people have kindly said they would be pleased to speak to anyone who is considering enrolling for CeMAP® or CeFA® training with us. If, after reading these testimonials, you would like to speak to some of our former delegates, please CONTACT US and we will happily put you in touch.

"I'd recommend Blue Cherry Training to anyone who is looking to take their CeMAP® or CeFA® exams. The courses were incredibly useful and would suit anyone's learning style or speed. The support once the course had finished was also invaluable and made the revision so much easier. Thanks Tony, I'll be back for the diploma next!"

Richard P. (Swindon)
"As the youngest in the group, I thought I would be out of my depth at first, but Anthony Judge reassured me and gave me confidence. I was quickly mixing well with the other students and soon settled in with the group. The teaching style was relaxed but with great attention to detail. Many thanks. I could not have done it so quickly without your help."

Azma H. (Nottingham)
"I am so pleased to have passed these exams. Having left school with no qualifications at all, I have surprised myself that I can actually pass exams if I put my mind to it. Many thanks to William for believing in me and giving me the confidence to do this."

Sean W. (Birmingham)
"I was more than a little sceptical at first because 5 days didn't seem long enough to absorb the necessary information. The relaxed teaching style and the learning systems used were excellent. It was like being taken on a learning journey. Thanks for all your help Tony."

Evelyn M. (Coventry)
"Because English is not my first language I didnt expect too much. It has been a struggle but I have made a success in the end so thank you for your support."

Geeta R. (Leicester)
"A very enjoyable experience throughout both courses. Now to start my new career. Thanks for all your help."

Mohammad R. (Sheffield)
"Spoke my language and made learning seem simple. Will be coming back for CeFA®."

Tony S. (Leeds)
"Our team all enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, which made the hard work seem a little easier. We are now fully qualified in CeMAP® and CeFA®, which has given us so many more career options. Thanks to Anthony for the laughs as well as the teaching. Top man."

Suleman M. (Bradford)
"Having left school over 25 years ago, I didn't feel too confident at the outset. As it happens, I passed before the youngsters. Thanks for all your help and encouragement Tony."

Davey G. (Newcastle)
"We kept the same team through all three CeFA® courses. Every different religion and racial background and everyone got along like cousins. We forgive you Anthony for not managing to get an Eskimo on the course. Ha ha!"

Jas T. (Liverpool)
"As the man said, if you listen to the advice and put the hours in, you can't go wrong. Enjoyed the food aswell."

Mark H. (Manchester)
"Having ordered the course material but not touched them for several months I knew that by attending some sort of classes it would provide the much needed focus i required. It took me 6 weeks to pass all three exams from the day I started attending Blue Cherry classes. Anthony has a legendary style of teaching and despite the daunting amount to cover in not so many days, one never feels rushed"

Nazim C. (London)
"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. I was a bit concerned at first as I was not sure it would be for me. I passed all 3 exams first time after attending both of the courses! I wouldn't have been able to do it without Anthony's help! Thank you!"

Hannah T. (Kenilworth)
"Hi Anthony. Just wanted to say many thanks for your help with CeFA2®. I felt that it helped condense the syllabus in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Any parts I didn't understand were explained in lay-man's terms. Perfect!"

Rob H. (Salford)

"As I am only 19 and had no experience in this industry, at first I had no confidence as I thought this would be to much of a challenge. When I called you I had already failed CeMAP1®. As you remember I said I wanted them done as soon as possible, and you did as you promised, you made me believe in myself and after 6 weeks you had managed to teach me all CeMAP® 1, 2 and 3, I passed all 3 as you promised. Thanks to you Anthony I am now an Independent Mortgage Broker. Thanks mate"

Charlie R. (Stone)

"When I joined the course I didn't have any real knowledge of mortgages and finance but I have recently successfully completed all three exams. The courses were taught in a fun, relaxed but professional way and each and every day was made interesting even if the subject was not! The support offered throughout the whole experience is absolutely fantastic and very efficient. The venue was perfect. I really enjoyed the courses and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Anthony.

Feel free to give my number to anyone that would like to speak to someone that has done the course."

Lucy G. (Hull)

"I would like to thank Anthony for all his help in getting through CeMAP®. The material can be a little heavy going at times and could easily become dull but Anthony managed to make everything much more interesting and simple to understand.  The venue for the training course was excellent as was the atmosphere throughout both training weeks.  I would recommend this training course to anyone, as I know I would not have sailed through the exams the way I did, without it."

Holly M. (Wakefield)

"As you know from when I first called you, I didn't think I would have the self discipline to complete the online courses. I found the whole thing very interesting as well as learning all that I needed for the exams. I would never have believed that I could be fully qualified within 6 weeks of first contacting you."

David A. (Sunderland)

"I was a little concerned at first that I would feel out of place because I have no knowledge of mortgages or finance. From the outset, Tony put everyone at ease and I was pleased to see that virtually nobody on the course knew any more than I did. While the course material looked like it would be a bit dry and dull before attending the courses, Tony presented it with a lot of enthusiasm and humour and we all enjoyed the courses. I told Tony I would be happy to recommend the courses and now I've managed to pass all three exams at the first attempt, I am doing just that."

Lisa P. (London)

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your help with my recent CeMAP® exams. As you know, I was very sceptical at first and wondered whether it would be too difficult for me because I'm not from a financial background. The course was delivered in a fun and entertaining way and it was clear that the trainer had lots of experience in this industry. Thanks again."

Steve G. (Liverpool)

"Thanks for all your help with my CeMAP® exams. I've just passed CeMAP3® earlier today and I can't believe I am now fully qualified. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again Tony."

Aisha B. (London)

"I want to thank you for your online training courses. Because I have only come to England recently from Nigeria, I could not have done the intensive course with success because of the language difficulty as well as all the new knowledge. It was best for me to learn at my own speed and the support I received during study was very helpful indeed. I will recommend. 

Tunde H. (London)

"I was very pleased with online course and especially help from trainer by telephone. I have interview with company where you introduced me and I will call you and tell you what happens."

Mohammed A. (Bradford)

"Thanks so much for all your help. You know I had failed CeMAP1® three times before meeting you and now I passed first time. I wish I had done CeMAP2&3® with you too. I could have saved so much time and money." 

Sangeeta B. (Coventry)

"I have done a lot of training and a lot of learning throughout my career but I was very impressed with your teaching style. You made a dull subject seem interesting and there were a lot of laughs thrown in for good measure. As I'm fast approaching 60, I was not sure I would be able to learn all this new knowledge but, with your help, I've done it. What do I do next?"

Joe T. (York)

"Easy and relaxed teaching style and nobody felt out of place. Well done." 

Andrew G. (Surrey)

"After a long career break to bring up my children, I didn't really think I was up to it but, with your help, I am now fully qualified and I've just accepted a position as a trainee mortgage adviser with a High Street bank. I can't thank you enough." 

Patricia B. (Leeds)

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