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Blue Cherry Financial Training INTRODUCTION If you are looking for advice on how to become a mortgage adviser, and this is your first visit to our site, I know you'll need the answers to a number of questions to help you decide whether the role of mortgage adviser or financial adviser is right for you and, for that matter, whether this is the right industry for you. To help you to make the right decision and the right choices, I'll give you some key pointers in this section, but let me start with a little introduction to some of our most popular financial courses. A good place to start is with the names of three of the most popular qualifications in our portfolio of services, these being CeMAP®, CeFA® and DipFA®. CeMAP® stands for the Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice, and anyone wanting to give mortgage advice in the UK must pass this (or a similar) qualification first. DipFA® stands for the Diploma for Financial Advisers, and anyone wanting to give financial advice in the UK must pass this qualification first. CeFA® stands for the Certificate in Financial Advice, and this is the predecessor of DipFA®, and was the qualification required by anyone wanting to give financial advice in the UK before the introduction of DipFA®. More formally, these are designations that are conferred upon the successful completion of the qualification requirements set by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and they are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). This means you can use the initials CeMAP® and/or DipFA® after your name on business cards and any other stationery. Mortgage Adviser or Financial Adviser - What's the difference? People are often confused about the difference between a mortgage adviser and a financial adviser, so I'll start with a simple explanation of how they differ. We often describe the financial adviser as one who provides solutions in the PRISM, with these initials representing: P Protection solutions (which we often describe as insurance) R Retirement solutions (which we often describe as pensions) I Investment solutions S Savings solutions M Mortgage solutions In comparison, a mortgage adviser provides solutions in only the first and the last of these five areas. If you think of the financial adviser as being like a GP, you could think of the mortgage adviser as being a specialist. Neither is better than the other and each of these highly skilled professionals has an important role to play and a valuable service to provide. So, where does Blue Cherry Financial Training fit in? Since the late 1990s, our professionally qualified trainers have provided CeMAP® training and CeFA® training for thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom, conducting training courses in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bradford, Liverpool, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast. Please view our Testimonials page for evidence of our success and to see what our customers say about our service. Don't worry, when you've finished there, you will automatically be brought back to this point. As stated above, the CeMAP®/CeFA® qualification is the first step you need to take if you are looking to become either a self-employed or an employed mortgage/financial adviser. How best to achieve these qualifications varies from person to person but there are effectively three alternative training solutions, as follows: Intensive Training Courses - these classroom-based courses are very popular and have, for countless individuals, proven to be the fastest way to achieve success with these qualifications. However, because classroom training is not the most appropriate solution for many other people, we have always made the following two alternative training options available. In doing so, it seems we have a solution to match almost everyone's budget and personal circumstances. Distance Learning Courses - these computer-based online courses are also very popular and have always proven to be the most thorough way to achieve success with these qualifications. For those suited to this option, there is much more detail provided a little further ahead. One2One Training Courses - these individually structured courses combine one-to-one teaching sessions with distance learning to provide the best of all worlds. However, given the fact that all resources are being dedicated to a single individual, it is invariably the most expensive option. Then again, we can proudly boast a 100% success rate with this learning option. To be successful on any of our courses, you need no academic qualifications whatsoever, nor do you need any industry experience. In fact, the vast majority of our successful students came to us  with no formal qualifications and absolutely no financial services experience. All our courses are specifically designed for individuals who are completely new to the financial services industry, although we also train many who currently work within the banking and mortgage sectors. On a wider point, we know how difficult and daunting it is when you want to start a new career as a mortgage adviser or financial adviser. Where do you turn for truly independent advice and support? Without professional guidance, there are many pitfalls awaiting the aspiring new adviser. As an integral part of our service, we can help to guide you away from the undesirable operators and towards those that have genuine opportunities for the newly qualified professional. Who would be my mentor at Blue Cherry Financial Training? Before you entrust anyone with the critical task of guiding you through the process of developing your new career as a financial professional, you need to know something about that person and you also need to be aware of some of the traps and tricks to avoid. Read about some of these Tricks and Traps and a brief profile of the person who would be guiding you through each stage of your development, from novice to high-earning professional. Your mentor has done exactly this for countless others since back in the mid-1990s. WHAT NEXT? To express an interest in our classroom-based CeMAP® training courses, please click on Contact Us. To discover more about our © CeMAP® Distance Learning System software, please click on CeMAP Online. To view a list of our forthcoming CeMAP® course dates, venues and prices, please click on Course Dates. For an informal chat regarding your specific needs or circumstances, you’re welcome to call the suppot desk FREE on 0800 689 9449 Alternatively, you’re welcome to call me (Anthony Judge) directly on 07523 321281.
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