WHAT IS THE COST OF STARTING A NEW CAREER? The cost of our training is determined by which of our three learning options you choose, with the least expensive being the Home Study (distance learning) option, and the most expensive being the One2One option. The three options available are: Group Classroom Training - Two 5-day courses (Monday to Friday) taking you from beginner to fully qualified in just 9 weeks from start to finish Home Study Software Package (a distance learning course driven at your own pace) One2One Training (the most expensive option for those who find groups distracting)   WHY DO WE OFFER 3 LEARNING OPTIONS? We have been providing CeMAP® training since these qualifications were first introduced back in the late 1990s. Our vast experience has taught us that different individuals have different strengths and, therefore, different training needs. For example, while some people learn very quickly and only need to have each topic explained to them once, most of us need to be taught a topic and then be given an opportunity to go away to absorb the knowledge in our own space, without any time pressures. Similarly, while some people can afford to pay around £65 per night (on top of the training fee) for hotel accommodation, most would prefer to have the training conducted within their own area in order to minimize the cost and the family disruption, although we offer a 40% discount to those who travel to attend a course outside their home region. OPTION 1 CLASSROOM TRAINING Apart from 10 days of expert tuition, further benefits include: Free access to our widely acclaimed and much sought after © CeMAP® Distance Learning System software package, which ordinairily retails at £195 per module, thereby saving you £585. We offer a 20% ‘dual-booking’ discount for those booking both 5-day courses at the outset, thereby saving you £200 in total. We also offer a ‘traveller’s discount’ for those attending a course outside their home region, thereby saving £400 in total. Furthermore, there is no VAT to pay, thereby saving you a further 20%. We don’t charge you for the CeMAP3® training. A fully qualified tutor with 16 years’ experience of teaching CeMAP® and over 20 years’ experience as a financial adviser and mortgage adviser, in addition to holding directorships with several national mortgage brokerages. A guaranteed job interview for those who are looking for a role as a trainee mortgage adviser. OPTION 2 HOME STUDY SOFTWARE PACKAGE (DISTANCE LEARNING) The cost of our © CeMAP® Distance Learning System software package are shown in the table below. OPTION 3 ONE-TO-ONE TRAINING Clearly, this option is by far the most expensive of all for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a single student has to cover the costs of providing the 5-day one-to-one workshop. Secondly, availability is limited because trainers tend to be more enthusiastic about providing group training, which means our Managing Director is currently the only member of our team who is prepared to deliver this option, subject to him having space in his schedule.
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