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A Brief History of Blue Cherry Consultants

We are proud to report that our different activities over the past ten years have gained us a name as consumer angels with a track record of vociferously supporting the cause of general consumers in their dealings with the major UK institutions. It is almost impossible to earn such a label without ruffling the feathers of a few major players but we have always been prepared to play the 'Robin Hood' position whenever required. Let me explain how we have evolved.

With many years experience in the financial services and property financing arenas, we have helped thousands of people throughout Britain to achieve their financial goals, solve their financial problems and overcome their financial challenges.

Initially, we helped individuals by advising them on, and providing solutions in, the five main areas of personal financial planning, which are Protection, Retirement, Investments, Savings & Mortgages. We no longer sell regulated financial products.

Subsequently, since helping people to save money is more enjoyable than helping them to spend it, we specialised in educating the nation's mortgage borrowers on how they were losing tens of thousands of pounds in interest due to the unfair systems being used by the UK's lending institutions. Thankfully, and partly due to our own proud contribution as consumer angels, the banks & building societies have now had to change the way they conduct business with their customers. We no longer conduct mortgage business but we continue to train individuals for the CeMAP® training qualifications and we also provide sales skills training for mortgage brokers and financial advisers, both new and established.

Since our previous roles introduced us to so many people suffering serious financial distress due to the dramatic rise in unaffordable debt, we continue to be active as consumer angels by defending these individuals from the pressures being applied by the big lending institutions. This valuable work continues, parallel to our property investment and training activities, through our sister company, Debt Angels Limited. Finally, even more enjoyable than helping people to save money is the happy task of helping people to make money, which we do by providing them with top quality training and support. In addition, for our property investment associates, we achieve this through the sharing of our creative property investment strategies, backed by opportunities to share in our success on selected property projects.

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